Terms of Service

The Practice, as defined below, agrees to comply with and adhere to the processes and the terms and conditions set out below and in this entire Terms of Service, for the provision of the Optimum Patient Care Clinical Review Service from Optimum Patient Care Limited to Practice in return for the Practice providing its Pseudonymised patient data to the Optimum Patient Care Service Database. Such Data shall then go through a further step of anonymisation before it is included within the Optimum Patient Care Research Database. These Terms of Service replace and take precedence over any previous Terms of Services the practice acknowledged and consented to.

OPC Clinical Review Service

Optimum Patient Care Ltd (OPC) is a not-for-profit social enterprise which provides clinical review and reporting services, research support services, data services and education initiatives in primary care. All OPC profits are reinvested into the service to further its social aim. OPC Clinical Review Service supports GP practices with chronic disease management to improve patient care. OPC provides a regular respiratory review service to help GP practices manage patients with Asthma and COPD. The service is provided at no cost to participating practices. OPC also provides support with respiratory review clinics, at OPC’s sole discretion, depending on the availability of funding and ongoing projects. OPC services are steered by a committee of leading experts and clinicians and governed by an independent oversight committee – the Anonymised Data Ethics & Protocols Transparency committee (ADEPT).

To conduct the OPC service, OPC supports participating GP practices with Pseudonymised GP data extraction, secure mailing of patient questionnaires (if applicable) and provision of OPC reports. The reports aid in case-finding, risk stratification, effective disease management, and provide recommendations in line with current guidelines and best practice for quality improvement. Please refer to our service information or visit our website www.optimumpatientcare.org for details of all our services.

Data Extraction & Anonymisation

For OPC to collect Pseudonymised data for the clinical review and reports, the Practice agrees that primary care data shall be extracted from the GP clinical systems using remote data extraction, and where necessary using manual or MIQUEST data extraction. OPC works in partnership with Apollo Software Solutions Ltd (Apollo), a leading supplier of NHS primary care clinical extraction services, to undertake some of our data extractions. Data extraction will involve remote access, installation and running of necessary software and provision of technical support from OPC and/or Apollo. Please visit for more details on Apollo services.

For regular service provision, the initial data extraction is a bulk extraction (full retrospective data) and requires some basic practice support to set up. This is followed by regular (monthly) incremental extractions which require minimal input from the practice. Patients with records expressing that their data should not be shared are excluded from all data extraction at source and also prior to import of extracted data into the OPC Service Database (OPCSD). Sensitive data is also excluded from data extracted for any given patient. All data extracted is pseudonymised at source or at the GP practice for service provision. The service implements the SHA-256 one-way hashing algorithm designed by the National Security Agency (NSA), to anonymise the NHS number, CHI number and HCN number of patient data. No patient identifiable data leaves the GP practice, unless agreed otherwise by the parties for the purpose of secondary care linkage, and OPC does not hold any patient identifiable information.

OPC Research Database (OPCRD)

The Practice agrees that all pseudonymised data collected from the OPC Service is held in OPCSD for service provision. The Practice agrees that such Data shall also be held in the OPC Research Database (OPCRD). Data from OPCSD undergoes a further step of anonymisation before incorporation into OPCRD. Anonymised OPCRD data is used by OPC and third parties approved by OPC and the ADEPT Committee for ethically approved research and exploratory analysis to understand patient and public health outcomes, and/or to develop evidence-based healthcare to improve patient outcomes. OPCRD primary care data may be linked to other healthcare datasets for ethically approved research in accordance with regulatory and information governance requirements. This linkage enables OPC to provide a fuller picture of the patient care record to support vital public health research, informing advances in patient safety and delivery of health care. OPCRD data is also used to support patient-consented clinical studies.

The Practice agrees that Patient Data will be held within OPCRD where it may be used for ethically approved research purposes. OPCRD research is conducted with the intent to publish and results from such research may appear in peer- reviewed publications for public benefit. OPC research work helps to provide the funding OPC requires for delivering OPC services at no cost to GP practices. OPCRD has been reviewed and ethically approved by the NHS Health Research Authority to hold and process Anonymous data as part of OPC’s research support provision (REC ref: 15/EM/0150). OPCRD is governed by the Anonymised Data Ethics & Protocols Transparency committee (ADEPT). All research conducted using Anonymous data from OPCRD must gain prior approval from ADEPT.

OPC Patient Questionnaires (optional service)

OPC’s questionnaire service is provided at a cost but free provision may be available, at OPC’s sole discretion, subject to the availability of funding from ongoing projects. Questionnaires provide information on patient reported outcomes for more complete and patient-centred analyses and reports. The three questionnaires OPC currently mail are child asthma, adult asthma and COPD questionnaire. OPC questionnaires are anonymised and have no patient identifiable information. A list of patients eligible to receive questionnaires is generated and reviewed by the GP practice prior to mailing. The anonymised questionnaires are mailed via Docmail – a secure, NHS-approved, N3 accredited remote mailing service provider. Patients complete their questionnaires online or on paper with FREEPOST return.

OPC Reports

OPC’s clinical and data teams analyse and produce reports using the Pseudonymised data collected into OPCSD. Three tailored practice level reports are provided – child asthma, adult asthma and COPD reports. Individual patient level reports for Asthma and COPD are provided via OPC Tools, which is accessible on GP practice computers. Other supporting tools may be offered to GP practices as part of the service. A user-guide and brief tutorial on OPC Tools is also provided.

Data Protection & Confidentiality

OPC services are provided under strict Confidentiality and Data Protection Policies, which safeguard confidential information that it may collect, create or process, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), Data Protection Act 2018 and NHS Information Governance Toolkit – to provide assurance to patients, GP practices and service users. OPC acts as Data Processors (Data Protection Register Ref: ZA197058) under the guidance of the GP practice, who are Data Controllers on behalf of their patients within the terms of GDPR. OPC operates a strict de-identified service.

Ethics & Caldicott Principles

OPC Services and its database, Optimum Patient Care Research Database (OPCRD), has been reviewed and ethically approved by the NHS Health Research Authority (REC ref: 15/EM/0150) and is NHS Digital IG Toolkit compliant. OPC Clinical Review Service is provided in line with Caldicott principles and only for medically justifiable purposes.

Termination of Service Provision

OPC Service can be terminated at any time at the discretion of the GP practice. If you wish to terminate our service provision for your GP practice, please email your request to: services@optimumpatientcare.org or phone our service team on 01223 967 855. We will take some feedback from you to improve our service delivery. We will send a formal confirmation of service termination to your GP practice by email and post. Following termination, OPC shall continue to hold the GP Practice data collected up to the point of termination unless the GP Practice notifies OPC in writing to destroy the data, subject to any applicable legal requirements for data retention. Please allow up to 4 weeks for our data extraction team to make the necessary technical arrangements to close all remote extraction processes in operation. You may resume OPC Service provision at any time by simply contacting us.

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  • I understand and hereby consent to the remote and manual data extraction processes required to conduct the OPC Clinical Review Service by Optimum Patient Care Ltd (OPC) as set out in the Terms of Service and this Agreement (including the OPC EULA), which includes bulk and incremental (monthly) extracts, including remote access, installation and running of software by OPC and/or Apollo Medical Software Solution Ltd (Apollo).
  • I hereby consent to provide a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual licence to OPC and its Affiliates so that the Data extracted and provided to OPC may be used for the purposes as set out in the entire Agreement, including, but not limited to, inclusion in the OPC Service Database and OPC Research Database.
  • Pseudonymised patient data may be supplied to OPC by Apollo. I hereby give consent for Apollo to extract data as set out in this Agreement and Apollo EULA or for OPC to extract data directly as set out in this Agreement and OPC EULA, including remote access, installation and running of software by Apollo or OPC.
  • I authorise OPC to collect, review and process the Pseudonymised GP practice data for each patient, and this may be repeated with regular and ad hoc data verification and validation exercises. I understand that no patient identifiable information will leave the GP practice, unless agreed otherwise by both Parties for the purpose of secondary care linkage.
  • I understand and give consent for Pseudonymised data collected by OPC to be held in the OPC Service Database and OPC Research Database for service provision and may be used for ethically approved research and exploratory analysis only as set out on this Agreement. I agree that results from such research may be published. OPCRD primary care data may be linked to other healthcare datasets including, but not limited to, Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES), Scottish Morbidity Record (SMR) and Patient Episode Database for Wales (PEDW) for ethically approved research in accordance with regulatory and information governance requirements.
  • I authorise OPC staff to work on behalf of the GP practice to perform processes necessary to provide the OPC Clinical Review Service. OPC staff while working on behalf of and as part of the GP practice team, will abide by the Confidentiality policies of the GP practice.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood all the terms and processes above and acknowledge that the entire document, including the Terms of Service, OPC EULA, constitutes the entire Agreement. I agree and authorise Optimum Patient Care Ltd to provide the OPC Clinical Review Service at the above named general practice.

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